Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Thia movie was so cool i really liked this movie it was verry tuching how all of the kids and there parents wanted tyhem to go to that scool but they had to enter in the lottery.the bad thing is that in NEW YORK they have a rule that if the teachers have tenure they cant get fired!and i think that is not a good rule cuz what if they say well i have tenure they cant fier me ill just stay home and not be a good teacher.i also cant belive that the poor naboir hood did not want abetter school in there naboir hood i would think that they want a better futer for thair childern and yet they foght for thaier school so they would not take over it!and there was also 3,000 people trying to get in the school but there was 475 spots open!

Friday, December 10, 2010

the lottery

this movie is supper sad supper exciting and so much more. i loved waching this movie how the moms and parents /gardeans want thair childern to go to colloge. they wanted to move in to a school a public school that was shutting down and all of thair community/childern/parents involved in that school came to a rally and protested so they wouldent move in to thair school that was shutting down and they got soo mad!and a little girl that i saw was so cute and would help her mom talk /help others understand what she was saying becuase she was sighn language.this school called ps 194  was soo mad and this commany called acorn was helping them protest.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i am proud of....

I am proud of first being a part of globaloria and knowing how to work with computers i am so proud of my self and i loved makeing the mini game and learnig how to do that was so fun and i felt good whene i finished it!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

knihts of the lunch table the dragon players

i realy like this book i love commic books they make me lagh and i have a fun time reading them. i like to read something that i can connect to like this book that i am reading i can connect to it in manny ways like i like to have a good time like they do in the book i like to have friends like they do in the book.something that i thought was supper cool was that i like to play video games and at the begging of the book it starts off with him actually in the game and i like to think of my self whene i play that i am part of the hame in the game!thats something that i really like about this book that i am reading!i think it is supper cool how commic books look to becuase thair not normal well on normal like a real book would be i like how all the words are all smashed together sometimes and they are all in a bubble!!!this is the book i am reading!!kknights of the lunch table the dragon players.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

                                                     NEW                                                                                                               I kind of like the new classes but I think the teachers should of done this at the beginning of the year so we wouldent have to say bye to our firends its kind of like moveing to a new shcool and your new all over again.Its ok but i have to got used to it.I think it is a good chance to meet new people and make new friends and we are not all in a group anny more so thair are some good and some bad things about this new thing.I like haveing lunch with some frends I did not have lunch with befor and thats kind of cool.I also like going to different classes and not just haveing the same old thing everyday and the same old peole in evry class so I think that is agood change.One thing I hate about my day is haveing to go all the way to the portabols and haveing to walk all the way back to get out of school.Thats wats NEW!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Imagine Your Own Game

My Topic is: Solar energy
  • What 2 game genres do you think would allow you to explore this topic in a fun and engaging way?
    • Genre 1: stategy
    • Genre 2: action
  • Imagine and describe one game idea that incorporate your topic into one of these genres.
My game idea is: that  there are alot of house that liter and dont use solar energy at all but you have to make the homes turn into solar homes and they will ricycle and every time you do something good for your home you move up a leval. and every time that you find a coin in your home you get 2 extra points and every time you pick up liter you get money so you can buy solar panes and recycaling bins and more.the rules are that you cant turn your house back into a old not green house once you are at leval 5. thair will be 20 levals once you get to leval 14 you will get a garden and 50$.whene you finish the game

Monday, November 29, 2010


                                           3rd world farmer
                  strategy is my favorit genere becuaseb it teaches you about life and how you can be a good farmer and a good parent and not sell your kids for money.I love third world farmer i love the game becuase you have loads of fun.i love games that you actually learnsomething from like that.you have to learn how to earn money and support your famillyso if you want to play this cool game click hear.i think you will love this game I learnd a lot from this game.

Friday, November 19, 2010


the book that i am reading is called new moon you might of heard of it it was a movie and one of the bestseller books this book is by:stephenie meyers and i love all of her books most of them are about vampiers and i love reading books that have action,love and mistery.I cant wait to get to the end of that fat book.it will proboly take me the whole year but I dont care.
I love the movies and i know all the lines to each movie that came out and i hope to learn every word in the book too.but that will take me longer than just reading the book.This is my summary for what happend so far!

                                whene she wakes up she looks in the mirrior and looks at her self  deeply.to make sher she has no gray hairs.she heads off to school.and thairs Edward by his car waiting for Bella.he wispers in her erer happy birthday!as alice comes down the hall leaping over to Edward and Bella saying happy birthday Bella.she asks if she liked the present her dad gave her .she said that they where going to throw a party for hert and she better come she said she saw Bella open her present and she loved it and that she was going to warer it tonight.

                                                      thats what happend so far in the book that I am reading I am on page 12 and I feel like I am never going to finish it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

into the arms of strangers

                                                      INTO THE ARMS OF STRANGERS
                        the children did not want to go to school any more because they were yeling then and the Nazis took over.the children did not feel safe any more.they heard Nazis came to Thar homes and pond ed on Thar doors telling them to put on clothes and come with them.so the parents were so mad and deposed and sad that Thar children were going to leave and so they had to take them to a chidern transport so they would not get hurt so they said the children could only bring one suite Case .and so whene the childern got on the train the parents saturated to cry and yell they did not want thair kids to go to england so whene they got on the train the parents got on the train with them to unpack some stuff then they had to get off so whene the train started to move one parent held the hand of his daughter and pulled her out of the train cuz he did not want her to leave.and one parent told her daughter to make a list of all of the peploe to go back and save them from the holacost so they took the children to hone.so they would not  die in the holacost.so the childern went to the broder and the Nazis checked the children's suite case and the nazis would yell at the childen.after that  the train started to move and they wrer in holen then they started to sing and smile .and some peploe gave them hot chocolate then they got on a bout to oonden but some kids got sea sick.Whene they got thair the children waited and waited for thair gardeans that where going to take care of them for a wile and the aparted from the group and into thair new homes.the childern that servived they sent them to consertation camps and some adalts that where 25 waghed 53 pounds and you could see thair bonds it looked like they where about to rip apart into peaces. and some where sent on a ship and did not eat for 2 months and before you knew it they got off of the ship and one man said whene they gave him something to eat he said it was the beat meal he had ever eaten and they gave him 2 sandwiches a bannana a apple and a orange.he hadent ateen in 2 months thats why it was the best meal of his life. after some kids found out that thair parents died they cred for years and years!they sent them letters to thair hospital and  and they never anwserd back and some kids did not know how to spek inglishso they sent thenm to school! to learn they could talk to thair gardens that did not know german!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I  am reading new moon I love the movie but i've never read the book .Thats why I chose that book.This is waht is happening so far!

                                          bella had a night mer about her self she was running so fas she felt like her hart was going to come out of her .then she ran in a medo and she saw her grandmother she said she new it was a dream 1st the sun was shinnig and un forks the sun is never out and 2nd she saw her grandma and her grandma died last year.she said she was 99.9 sher it was a deam.Thair was so much she wanted to ask her grandma whene Edward poped out of the woods and slowly walked towred bella "Edawrd waht are you doing" said bella as he walked down the medow and put his arm around bella .then her grandma and her tuched fingers but they where tuching a glss .At that poind it became her worst nightmer.It was not her grandma it was her then Edawrd wisperd in bellas hear Happy Birth Day!Then bella woke up!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The diary of ann frank was a really good movie I like it becuase it was a true storry and I like movies based on a true story and it left us a message to be brave nomatter waht happens.this movie was really sad how they dided in a camp and how ann frank and her sister got a bad dises .they were really brave!Ann Frank is a true leder and I think if she were still alive we would know more and i bet she would give speches and tell us how being brave and helpful a curragus is a really big thing and tell us how inportant that is in life and in our futer!Iloved this movie and how long they surrvied in a littel place  for 2 years I think it also teches you to be strong and sometimes you have to do stuff that you dont want to do but ist all for your own good becuase they could of been free after the war was over and mabye still be alive if they dident cach them!thats why Ithink it is supper inportant to be strong even if you dont want to sometimes!ann frank really inspiedrd me!!to be a good leader and to be strong some times!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

mini game -promt!

my favorite part of doing the mini game has been doing all of it and watching how it comes out its so cool how the carrot and rabbit can move!it was really exciting to see all of the cool things the computer can do!!I really want to learn more about how you can make the carrot or Any other thing move in different ways and see what I can make out of a computer and animals and food !my least favorite thing has to be when we have to copy an past every thing,and having to change every thing every sec.that has to be my least favorite part in making a mini game .Making a mini game can be really supper easy but you have to know how and where to put the code or symbol in the right place !That's the hard part for me,and my least favorite.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Today we learned how to make a mini game is was realy fun i can't wait till we are done with our mini game I want to play with it it will be realy fun gitting to play your oun game .I want the game to be me so I will injoy playing it and i hope other kids like me will injoy  my game too.I  want to make my game super fun and fun to play.I want to learn more about makeing mini games it was a fun experince and I cant wait to finish the game and make another one I want to know more about haw to get to things faster.I want to learn how to make the carrot move in more directions and I want to start working with the rabbit the wolf the pizza and the cocolate and make a complet game its going to be soo much fun cant wait !!! I love globaloria and working with computers and iv'e learned a lot but I just hope to learn more and more everday and I am also so happy that I have globaloria everday !!
I hope that globaloria will teach me a ton of things for whene I grow up and I hope it will help me in everyday life how to choose the right job ,how to help the earth,how to work with computers and help my mom with our computer.so manny things that I can learn and I cant wait to finish my verry frist step makeing a mini game .I want to learn more about the wiki and how to use it more and I want to know why the wiki is soo important.I can't wait to find more about the wiki .I think that globaloria is very important because you can use it in real life.Globaloria has toght me alot and how to use computers I know thinks I never kew and I know a ton about computers!
I know how to make a game but iv'e never worked with adobbe flash and iv'e never made a mini game .can't wait till the end of our minni game!!


Monday, October 25, 2010


     We wached a movie about the pepole who got shot or killed in world war #2 .This movie made me burst into tears I could not immagine the way they where vteated they got teated like animals and put in to a cart filled with 100 or mare pepole suffricating all smuched together . This movie was really a big thing and they also showed the pepole that servived and they came to speak to the kids who made the project .the kids could not imagine 11,000,000 pepole shot or killed so the collected papper clips to see waht 11,000,000 was and they sent letters and mail to pepole all over the world and they got over 11,000,000 papper clips this movie reallymoved me inside and I hope to also do something big in my life like they did.!!!!this week i really learned alot of things i did not know befor and that a ton of peppole were killed or shot this movie really

Friday, October 22, 2010



             The best day of the week i hate Sunday cuz i knows its going to be Monday but Friday is the best day of the week !that's always the day my b-days on and its the day in school when we can wright whatever we want to wright about in globaloria.Friday is my day its the day everyone loves because of  so many reasons my reason is that i love this day because we get out of school  early and get to go home and plan my Saturday!Friday rocks its one of my favorite things in the world!omg i cant belive Friday and that's the day when i can go home and  forget about school!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



the enter net is known for its good communication .Like messenger and yahoo mail you can chat with your Friends and family . that's across the world i think that is very cool for the Internet to have that kind of communication i think that's one of the reasons i use the Internet and because they have so many cool  websites but the main thing i think the big idea is communication i think it is very important for your Friends and family to stay  in touch with you. you can also use web cam websites like sky web lets you talk to your family like your right in front of them and you can also see them.its a pretty cool web sits and i think with out the communication that we have now we would not be in touch with our family and Friends so i think Internet communication is very cool!so that's what i think about communicating please post a comment telling me what you think about communication and if you think it is important!  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CHOOSING candy ,chips and soda OR yummy carrots with ranch or corn with tuna!

                                                                 !  CHOOSING!    
I think  Nutrition is very important beacuase with out Nutrition we will not be so healthy and we will not have a a very good body to work with we will be slower and Nutrition is frut and vegtables that we need everone needs veg and furuts. with out the world wuld bre full of unhealthy sick pepole and noone wants a world like that .thatsn why everone needs Nutrition. this is what  I think plase post a comment and post what you think !I want to know your opinions and I will blogg back to you!too tell you what i think of your opinion.so please comment! do you think junk food like chips ,soda and candy yumm so goood you think right but have you ever thought about how bad it is for you?think about it nexst timwe you sit down to eat junk food like that is that really goood for you whene you can just eat some carrots with ranch thats yumm and good for you dont you think.so commment on what you think is best chips,soda and candy or some yummy ranch with carrots !                                                   !  COMMENT !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

!choosing a topic!

yesterday we cose a topic for our game and my topic was energy I think energy is very important to us we need energy use use up energy everyday every time we turn on the lights or ride in your car you are using energy.I choose this topic because I want to learn more about energy and adn know enogh to do a game about it energy is very important to us because we just dont push or pull our our car every day we use energy tomove it and everyone has energy inside of us we use energy to walk or run and even talk this is why I cose energy as my topic.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blue Gold ☺

yesterday we wached a aousom moviwe a bout water and how water is the source of life  and  that did you know that we humans can only last one week at the most with out water this movie was very intersting to me andi never new that much about water befor water is everything without it we and noone and nothing without water thair would be no life on the earth and all theas comanys like coca-cola are takeing the water away from us and all they think about is the money now a bottel of water is 2.oo when it used to be what like mabe .75 this is a big deal water is a big deal! this is what the movie blue gold tought me and this is what it was about.

Monday, October 11, 2010

ChallengesThe last 6 weeks !!

this 6 weeks in globaloria was really fun but Thar was a lot of Challenges in globaloria and some eazy stuff to but this promt is a about Challenges so i will talk about the challenges. this 6 weeks and how hard globaloria was not that hard but pritty hard i could not read the codes that fast and it was hard putting stuff in the right places but i worked it out and fighured out how to do things
and how to make things work but that was the main problem i had the klast 6 weeks and now Ithink Ian ready for another eazy 6 weeks and hope to learn more and ceate games and play my own games that would be soo cool  and Iwish to do the best Ican do in my life and in school and in globaloria !
globaloria is one of my favorite classes because it is really diffrent and i like working with computers and makeing games  but it can be really hard it gets difacalt haveing to copy and past every thing but you get used to it thats also what I like about  globaloria  gettting ued to things and getting to learn about computers !

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday !!!!!!!!!☺☺

This friday I  am going to  play football and clean my room mabye get ice-cream and go home and do my home work .This friday I am also going to go to the mall and look around.My mom is going to fix my hello kitty backpack ,and I  am going to eat out , go  home and relaxx. Happy friday to me and you !!Now the weekend is a hole other story and ill tell you about the weekend to well ill probobly be very bord but ill have tons of fun this weekend I am going to church on sunday and on saterday I am just going to hang out with my freind and we are goig to the movies I dont know what movie to wach though I still have to think about that  but all I know is that this weekend and this frisday is going to be soo fun and i cant wait to get out of school to get to do all the things I want and need to do !!!happy friday and happy weekend !!☺☺☺

Thursday, October 7, 2010

energy hog

energy hog☺was the game I played it was really fin and I ☺earnd a lot to play energy hog clik hear and you well get to play the best game ever I loved how the game has a ton of games in it my fav game was lightbolb run you have to run around  and☺turn on all the lights I really liked it. Energy ☺hog has the best game ive ever played .Rally thairs a lot of info on saveing energy .ENERGY HOG was soo fun!☺

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


the most meaningful movie to me was food inc because is showed me hoe the farmers really treat the poor animals what did they ever do to us that's why food inc was very touching to me I  believe have no right to teat the animals that why but why to they do that you ask?all for the money they are so selfish and don't think about us or the animals all they think about is the money and how rich they will be!After i watched this movie which really inspired me to not eat meat for the rest of my life Istarted to think about the ways that we never think about eating a horse or a cow its like eating a dog .would you want to eat a dog ? have you ever asked yourself that have  you ever thought about that yes no maybe ? if not why don't you start thinking about it  now? why or why not comment your thoughts about food inc and  how the farmers have no right to teat the animals that way.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dirt the Movie!

yesterday we watched a movie  about dirt which is called dirt the movie we leaned that soil I s a big deal !soil is made up up Muslim. Did you know that you can paint with dirt and make clay out of it you can make houses and  much more that's why soil/dirt is a big deal!Did you know that you eat dirt its in wine and lots of other things.the main thing I am trying to tell you that now we are destroying the dirt building houses and sidewalks or even brides. At this school their playground was made up of just concrete. so they took off all the concrete and built a garden and that's kids have never ever felt dirt before and it was a big thing for them.so if your schools playground is all concrete comment and tell me what you would like to change about your school or your playground we can turn anything into a garden . and live green the point is that soil/dirt is LIFE.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Today after school  I am going home to relax, and I am going to get ready for saterday and sunday. So today I am just going to relax and on saterday I am going to the mall to buy new shoes then on sunday I have to go to church. That will be my weekend and on monday I will be ready for school again. but I dont think I well wake up when it is time to go to school becuase I am alwas tierd after a long weekend and relaxing!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

do you really know what you are eating???

well i turned vegatarean after i found out how they teat the poor animals have you ever sat doun at dinner and ever thout about what you where eating?no i gess not but i have. so in school we wached a video about the food we eat and the chiken and the meat on the cows and the bacon that comes from pigs!and how every day we sit down at dinner and just eat up wahts infront of us and we never think about the things and cimacals they put in to the pig ,cow or chiken .well they do put cimacals into our food and the chekens die faster now becuase we are makeing then carry all the waight on themselfs and they suffracate and die not how they natrally grow right so thats what we are really eating and that should leave you thinking how you wold like to change the way you eat.to find out more check out the movie food inc or clic on this link to wach the movie on youtube food inc

Monday, September 27, 2010



Friday, September 24, 2010


I am really exsited  about this weekend I am going to the mall to get new shose and to buy tons of things . I am really exsited  about this weekend and about the week comeing up I am exsited becuase I want to know wat exsiting things I will learn and what new things I will decover this weekend and this week coming up .I want to play a lot and just have fun this weekend and relax this weekend is all  about meee . I want to do all kinds of things  to have fun and not be bord .

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


this week ive learend about how we sould not be waset full and we dont have to allwas buy the  new things that come outon t.v all the time.cuz al we do is go to work get home and see this new thing we see on t.v but we allready have one but then this other thing comse out and its better than yours so you want to get that one so you go out and buy that one you go to work  go home see a eveen better thing come out then youu want that one.this video will help you under stant that  we should not  waset things that are purfectly fine . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GorqroigqM

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Name of the game that taught you the MOST about its learning topic: Third World Farmer.
The game genre is stradegy.This genre is a good choice for creating a learning gamebecause you learn how to take care of your family and how to  make enoght money to take care of your family.
Design Analysis look really good is reminda me of my mario games and  The graphics are very good I like how you can make the anamationd move like mario.
Usability Analysis Is  clear you need to help your familly to stay healthy and strong and have a good life it works very well I understand it a lot but the hard part is geting a job.
My Suggestions for improvement are make geting a jod easyer than it is and I wish all your kids could go to colloge.2-3 things that I would like to learn are doing better at the game  and how to make life easy in that game.
Another seggestion is that I wish we could change our animations how I would like them to be♥

Monday, September 20, 2010

LEAST Effective Learning Game

Name of the game that taught you the MOST about its learning topic:nothing but net
What can you learn from this game?how to play the game nothing realy
What game genre is it?it is sports
Design Analysis Does it look good?the design looks realy good
Usability Analysis Is it clear what you need to do as a player? Does it work well?yes it works well but thair is no pint to the game it is just for fun
Suggestions for improvement. How would you change the gameplay to make the learning and play experience work together better?put some edgucation in the game
 2-3 things that i  would like to learn how to do is learn how to play better

Social Issue

What are some social issues that are important to you? Why are they important? I think health is very important . I think Heath is important because everyone needs health . health helps us live and breath . but sometimes we don't have A lot of money to pay for our health,but we need our health and that's another issue we have a lot of us don't have all the money we need for our health care.That's why most of us don't have very good health and i think it is very important that all of us try to help one another . so we can all be healthy! And most of us are homeless and  some are even younger than 10 years old and they are the ones who need the health more than most of us

Friday, September 17, 2010


This weekend I want to go to the mall  and buy lost of  stuff .I also want to go to the pool and on sunday I am going to church . I would also like to wach t.v and play . this weekend I hope to have a lot of fun . this weekend  I am going to take lots of naps because I a so tierd of school . This weekend is all about just relaxing!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I like action  genres they keep me entertained .But I also think you should learn things from games that way you learn something and you have fun . That's why I  like math games and   education  games. But I also like to play Mario games because it is fun and I like action games.

Game Genres

I like action games a lot I think they are more exciting . I like Mario and games like that it keeps me entertained action games  a lot I think they are more exciting . I like Mario and games like that it keeps me entertained. I like it cuz it has a lot of action .I also like math games and education games like that cuz you have fun and you learn things those are the genres I like .I  think games should always have something to teach you and be fun too that's why I like education  genres.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My fav video game is mario cart. I  like to play this game alot .  It is really fun I  like to race , with mario and yoshi I alwas win with them. I think is it more fun when I am bord and have nothing to do .then I play this video game .It is my fav video gam cuz is keeps me entertained. Once I get started I can't stop cuz if I stop ill be bord ! Mario cart is my fav video game

Friday, September 10, 2010


I love computers because  I am very good at working with them. I like to post comments , make pages and just have fun like  play games,make games and more... I like that I am very good with computers  something is not working right or my mom dosent no what to do I  can help her . I also love computers because you can find annything you want to find .It helps me a lot when i do my homework.I like to have fun on  youtube and  I like to make pages shuch as myspace,facebook and ex...I think computers are fun but but sometimes you have to be very safe

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth

Last week you watched the film An Inconvenient Truth. What was the film trying to tell you? I think the video was trying to tell us that earth is our only earth. And we as humans should take care of our only earth ,becuase it hurts all the animals too ,and they are part of this earth also.  Sometimes all we do is think of our selfs and now we should start thinking about everyone now cuz weall live on this earth and we can work together to stop global warmig if we all work together and if we all love our earth.All over the world  global warmig is happing and plants and animals are dieing and it effects a lot on us too. and what I think Al Gore was trying to tell us is that we have the power to stop global warming and its no time for waiting anny more.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first week

My first week  at EACPA was so fun I really liked the first day of school!I love every class that I am in, I like all the teachars and staff the first week was really diffrent but really fun! I am looking forward to the rest of the year hear at EACPA! And  I  really hope to learn a hole lot in every subject.Each class is verry exciting and the teachars make every class fun! That was my first week at EACPA!!