Monday, October 11, 2010

ChallengesThe last 6 weeks !!

this 6 weeks in globaloria was really fun but Thar was a lot of Challenges in globaloria and some eazy stuff to but this promt is a about Challenges so i will talk about the challenges. this 6 weeks and how hard globaloria was not that hard but pritty hard i could not read the codes that fast and it was hard putting stuff in the right places but i worked it out and fighured out how to do things
and how to make things work but that was the main problem i had the klast 6 weeks and now Ithink Ian ready for another eazy 6 weeks and hope to learn more and ceate games and play my own games that would be soo cool  and Iwish to do the best Ican do in my life and in school and in globaloria !
globaloria is one of my favorite classes because it is really diffrent and i like working with computers and makeing games  but it can be really hard it gets difacalt haveing to copy and past every thing but you get used to it thats also what I like about  globaloria  gettting ued to things and getting to learn about computers !

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