Thursday, December 2, 2010

                                                     NEW                                                                                                               I kind of like the new classes but I think the teachers should of done this at the beginning of the year so we wouldent have to say bye to our firends its kind of like moveing to a new shcool and your new all over again.Its ok but i have to got used to it.I think it is a good chance to meet new people and make new friends and we are not all in a group anny more so thair are some good and some bad things about this new thing.I like haveing lunch with some frends I did not have lunch with befor and thats kind of cool.I also like going to different classes and not just haveing the same old thing everyday and the same old peole in evry class so I think that is agood change.One thing I hate about my day is haveing to go all the way to the portabols and haveing to walk all the way back to get out of school.Thats wats NEW!!!