Wednesday, October 6, 2010


the most meaningful movie to me was food inc because is showed me hoe the farmers really treat the poor animals what did they ever do to us that's why food inc was very touching to me I  believe have no right to teat the animals that why but why to they do that you ask?all for the money they are so selfish and don't think about us or the animals all they think about is the money and how rich they will be!After i watched this movie which really inspired me to not eat meat for the rest of my life Istarted to think about the ways that we never think about eating a horse or a cow its like eating a dog .would you want to eat a dog ? have you ever asked yourself that have  you ever thought about that yes no maybe ? if not why don't you start thinking about it  now? why or why not comment your thoughts about food inc and  how the farmers have no right to teat the animals that way.

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