Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The diary of ann frank was a really good movie I like it becuase it was a true storry and I like movies based on a true story and it left us a message to be brave nomatter waht happens.this movie was really sad how they dided in a camp and how ann frank and her sister got a bad dises .they were really brave!Ann Frank is a true leder and I think if she were still alive we would know more and i bet she would give speches and tell us how being brave and helpful a curragus is a really big thing and tell us how inportant that is in life and in our futer!Iloved this movie and how long they surrvied in a littel place  for 2 years I think it also teches you to be strong and sometimes you have to do stuff that you dont want to do but ist all for your own good becuase they could of been free after the war was over and mabye still be alive if they dident cach them!thats why Ithink it is supper inportant to be strong even if you dont want to sometimes!ann frank really inspiedrd me!!to be a good leader and to be strong some times!

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