Friday, December 3, 2010

knihts of the lunch table the dragon players

i realy like this book i love commic books they make me lagh and i have a fun time reading them. i like to read something that i can connect to like this book that i am reading i can connect to it in manny ways like i like to have a good time like they do in the book i like to have friends like they do in the book.something that i thought was supper cool was that i like to play video games and at the begging of the book it starts off with him actually in the game and i like to think of my self whene i play that i am part of the hame in the game!thats something that i really like about this book that i am reading!i think it is supper cool how commic books look to becuase thair not normal well on normal like a real book would be i like how all the words are all smashed together sometimes and they are all in a bubble!!!this is the book i am reading!!kknights of the lunch table the dragon players.

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