Monday, November 1, 2010


Today we learned how to make a mini game is was realy fun i can't wait till we are done with our mini game I want to play with it it will be realy fun gitting to play your oun game .I want the game to be me so I will injoy playing it and i hope other kids like me will injoy  my game too.I  want to make my game super fun and fun to play.I want to learn more about makeing mini games it was a fun experince and I cant wait to finish the game and make another one I want to know more about haw to get to things faster.I want to learn how to make the carrot move in more directions and I want to start working with the rabbit the wolf the pizza and the cocolate and make a complet game its going to be soo much fun cant wait !!! I love globaloria and working with computers and iv'e learned a lot but I just hope to learn more and more everday and I am also so happy that I have globaloria everday !!
I hope that globaloria will teach me a ton of things for whene I grow up and I hope it will help me in everyday life how to choose the right job ,how to help the earth,how to work with computers and help my mom with our manny things that I can learn and I cant wait to finish my verry frist step makeing a mini game .I want to learn more about the wiki and how to use it more and I want to know why the wiki is soo important.I can't wait to find more about the wiki .I think that globaloria is very important because you can use it in real life.Globaloria has toght me alot and how to use computers I know thinks I never kew and I know a ton about computers!
I know how to make a game but iv'e never worked with adobbe flash and iv'e never made a mini game .can't wait till the end of our minni game!!


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