Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mini Game

There were some difficulties , but I overcame them. I'm really excited to find out what kind of game I will  be doing next.The difficulties of making this game were , getting the codes all right. and getting everything right they way I wanted it to be .Every year , I make my topic about pollution I also think that this is the first game i've made , that's not about pollution. I want to also make my big game creative  this year something that's not so into pollution because you know , i do that topic every year. S this year i plan to make my game interesting but fun.

Monday, December 3, 2012

playing to learn part2

there was differint types of theams , like action and puzzuls or mazes. They were all very differient but the same, because they all had a lesson to teah , or something to say. That's what i want my game to do i want , it to give poeople who play it a message , a positive something to say .'' playing game's to some people is something really esay something you just play and have fun with , but what people might not know is that there are many game's that can help you learn something . maybe learn something you never knew about before. exsactly like the title say's ''playing to learn'' , is exsactly what you are doing when we go out and play thease game's. That's what makes globaloria a class i think because if it were just free time to play games all day i think it would be a extra class you could chose to take , but its actualy educational and since i've been here  i've learns a whole lot of things that i never knew before.