Wednesday, May 25, 2011


this movie was very enteresting I loved the fact that they never gave up and keped on going and they fineally got back safe and reunited with there family and I  really like this movioe because it actually reminds me of my self i never give up and keep on going and  I wont stop until i get to where i want to be or untill i get what i want.this movie realy inspierd me to never give up and reach for my goals.Its sad at one point well actually the wole movie because they never got to the moon they got realy sick, they were about to die!This movie i rely recomend this movie for a ton of people to will inspire you.There dream was to go to the moon and it really gets you in to the movie because they were about to land but there oxegen tank broke and flouted out in to space and they had to do a lot of things to fix it.They had to move to the lem because there main area  broke.
View of Earth from space

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


mario is so amazing if you want to learn more about mario push mario and i will send you to a world of super mario and i love him and his games. Each and every game he is in i love.Mario is a hero he is so amazing i love everything about him and all of his games i hope to live on playing all of his games and i even hope to beat a record of the most mario games played by me. i hope he keeps makeing more and more games so i and everyone can play and have fun.I caint wait to get home and keep playing!and inever want to stop thats how much i love him.and i love how fun and cool he is.I love how exciteing and how eciteing his games are. all i can say is that i love mario.

Monday, May 16, 2011

my game is finished

 my game is finished and I loved makeing this amazing fun game.I loved working in a team because well I think you get to get more things done and I like makeing things work and moveing fast and geting things done.I am very proud of my self and my team and one thing that I am proud of doing is the last level that I made and I was pround once I finished it.I learned a lot about my self i think this expirience was realy good for me because i think i got to learn alot and see how working in a team would work.I also learned alot about solar energy and how inportant it is takeing care of  our world its amazing how i can learn so much in so little time and I am proud.I also learned how amazing globaloria is and how much globaloria is inprortant to the world and how it is teaching the new generation how to grow up and leave the world in our hands and so we will know how to take care of it once its ours!! So thats what we learned !

Monday, May 2, 2011

best blogg

try hard to get there to get were you want to be in life and that is what I am trying to do to do my best so i can be a docter.I want to be in life and be in school for a long time so Ican get my bachelers my masters and also my phd. that is were i want to be in life what about you?I ve always tryed to get good grades and be a freindy person. So i can get were i want to be and always try to help people mabye even comunity service so i can get collage cridet my deam is to go to deam what a wierd thing to say bacause people alwats say iam going to follow my deam but how manny people actually achive that deam really so that why iam her to be someone in life someone to say that i achived my dream.Iean how manny people get to say that ill be proud when Iget to the top of my dream.