Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Add Hidden Objects

So  what I did was trace my hidden objects , and well it did take some time , because well you could say I had some complicated objects to draw in flash , witch again I hate drawing in flash because the mouse moves every ware . And most of all I hate when I use the mouse on the lab top , because I think well my opinion it makes it worse ,even more messy. But o well ,I guess my drawing's came out ''okay'' ? no so shure though , because well I don't know how to make the original back round clear , or invisable . Well I guess i'll just stay positive , and carry on to what ever come's next ! blaaa.. wish me luck ? Naw actually i'am excited to find out what we will be doing next eeeeep !

 - me blogg <3 Genevieve Garcia | 10. 19 . 12 |

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Backround in flash (:

Drawing a backround in flash , yes it's really hard because well I like getting thing's to look really nice , and to my opinion when you draw in flash , to me it looks messy.I would like it better if it had a tool that you could use to , fix what you draw in flash , like to make the lines look straight and your'e drawing's look clear and not all curvy and everyware ! . O my goodniss this it what I hate about making the game , I really like to draw alo't but when it comes to drawing in flash i'm the worst ! . I would really like it if that could happen.Apart from that I like flash i like it alo't not because of the way I draw in it , but because you get to animate , alo't of thing's in flash. I really like doing that in flash and watching it all come to life. So yes it , to me is very confusing and messy but o well .. moving on to my hidden object's ! wish me luck ' !

Monday, October 8, 2012

Making A Prototype

It was easy ! ''SYYYYKKKKEEEE'' there were alo't of complicated thing's to go through , google is not smart , yess .. it's offical it dosent know what a park is , or what a river is . it caint giv eyou simple answers. ''GARRRWWWSSHHH ! '' why dose it have to mak ethe world even more complicated , just umm..get to the point , yess porvavorr. but ofcorse it was also fun , sherching through google trying to find the right thing .But the point is that well i drew my best and i think it came out really good . and i hope it dosent get all messed up when i try to go and put it on flash , i'am realy bad at drawing on flash. I mean it's so hard to wiggle ur mouse around to make a perfect picture in flash , ''O LORD '' , o my goodniss . yea ,s o that's not going to work out .Well i guess i'll have to try my best agin , it's all abot the work you put into your'e work .


Friday, October 5, 2012


okay , so making this prototype was umm .. let's say easy >__^ . But wait until we get to doing our , big grade game. whoooof ' ! is that some work , too much thinkinng.But hay school ,is well school. and i love globaloria , it'sawesome because you get to do stuff , you could never do at any other school. and yess ! i'am excited to get to starting this awesommeee ! game . well not so awesome yet ! . I really like making the prototye first because it gives you ideas about how , ur games going to come out . how it's going to be like .its kinda like planning , well it is planning.maineeee.... >__<  , do i love GLOBALORIAAA .. !! tehe' .

Monday, October 1, 2012

Plan Game Scene

okay , now iam starting to get really excited because my game is starting to come out .i have all that i need and i think , that this year it went even faster . I mean it's the third week and were alredy on our paper prototype !! . for me that went fast. well getting off topic , and going more into the idea of my game , it will be about run off and how it effects all of the animals , that  live in river's or streams . Animals , inocinte animals , like fish or turttle's . That don't have to live in that kind of inviornment if the world would make a little chane and recycle , but the problem is that were to layzy , and we can't get up to throw away , our soda cans or even our new's paper and what i mean , buy throw away i mean in the reycleing bin ! :DD tehe ''
So why don't we just make one simple change , to help out and clean our river's . And mabye when we all get to that piont ,we can all clean our ocean . How's that sound world ! yup me too iam excited , so let's get started with my game . when you can play it and lean so much . Learn how to care , and hove fun with it also.Helping the earth is hard work . But all of the good stuff in life take's hard work , like for example going to college , or earnig money for a new car . all thing's and life that are good take time and effort. You just have to learn how to take that time and effort first , before you start doing something that big , and i guess the world dosent have that yet . so let's all '' MAKE A CHANGE'' .