Friday, November 12, 2010

into the arms of strangers

                                                      INTO THE ARMS OF STRANGERS
                        the children did not want to go to school any more because they were yeling then and the Nazis took over.the children did not feel safe any more.they heard Nazis came to Thar homes and pond ed on Thar doors telling them to put on clothes and come with the parents were so mad and deposed and sad that Thar children were going to leave and so they had to take them to a chidern transport so they would not get hurt so they said the children could only bring one suite Case .and so whene the childern got on the train the parents saturated to cry and yell they did not want thair kids to go to england so whene they got on the train the parents got on the train with them to unpack some stuff then they had to get off so whene the train started to move one parent held the hand of his daughter and pulled her out of the train cuz he did not want her to leave.and one parent told her daughter to make a list of all of the peploe to go back and save them from the holacost so they took the children to they would not  die in the the childern went to the broder and the Nazis checked the children's suite case and the nazis would yell at the childen.after that  the train started to move and they wrer in holen then they started to sing and smile .and some peploe gave them hot chocolate then they got on a bout to oonden but some kids got sea sick.Whene they got thair the children waited and waited for thair gardeans that where going to take care of them for a wile and the aparted from the group and into thair new homes.the childern that servived they sent them to consertation camps and some adalts that where 25 waghed 53 pounds and you could see thair bonds it looked like they where about to rip apart into peaces. and some where sent on a ship and did not eat for 2 months and before you knew it they got off of the ship and one man said whene they gave him something to eat he said it was the beat meal he had ever eaten and they gave him 2 sandwiches a bannana a apple and a orange.he hadent ateen in 2 months thats why it was the best meal of his life. after some kids found out that thair parents died they cred for years and years!they sent them letters to thair hospital and  and they never anwserd back and some kids did not know how to spek inglishso they sent thenm to school! to learn they could talk to thair gardens that did not know german!

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