Monday, October 25, 2010


     We wached a movie about the pepole who got shot or killed in world war #2 .This movie made me burst into tears I could not immagine the way they where vteated they got teated like animals and put in to a cart filled with 100 or mare pepole suffricating all smuched together . This movie was really a big thing and they also showed the pepole that servived and they came to speak to the kids who made the project .the kids could not imagine 11,000,000 pepole shot or killed so the collected papper clips to see waht 11,000,000 was and they sent letters and mail to pepole all over the world and they got over 11,000,000 papper clips this movie reallymoved me inside and I hope to also do something big in my life like they did.!!!!this week i really learned alot of things i did not know befor and that a ton of peppole were killed or shot this movie really

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