Monday, September 12, 2011


Children from heaven is about a kid named Ali that lived with his family in a small town in India,in a town named Tayron. Ali looses his little sisters shoes and he has to share his shoes with his sister until his dad earns enough money to buy new shoes for them both.he helps his sister out and gives her a gold pen and joins a race to win new shoes for his little sister.
                      Yes, I had a single story about aribic people i thought that all aribic people wear scarfs and that all aribic men had long beards,I found out that the wemon in arabia do ware scarfs around there heads.but not all men have long beards in arabia.I also thought that arabian people lived in deserts but i was wrong they mosty live in a big town or even a city.I also thought that most ofthe arabic people where terrorists but i gess i was also wrong about that too.most people in arabia to me seem really nice to me in the movie.i also thought that they wrote the same way we did but they wright in there language and the wright right to left and that is pritty interesting to me.To me Ali is a verry good person and really cares about his familly and his sister and how he lost her shoes and he is a really kind and sweet person well kid.
this is a link to a aribic cultre so you can learn more about there cultre