Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paper Prototyping (:

Our team name is Cyber Bulling Monsters. This tittle means that there are monsters attacking you & just like in real life you have to protect your self & do something about it. We want our players to learn how to defend there self from being bullied.
 Me & my partner both had the same topic & so we both wanted a fun & creative new game something exciting. And we came up with this new & exciting game called Cyber Bullying Monsters.
 We both had a very important role to play & do making this game i drew & my partner wrote all of the instructions & stuff & we had a fun time (: , . We get along so that's a good thing .
 We did alot of research actually we looked up alot of websites that helped us learn more about Cyber Bullying.
When you play our game you have to run away from the monsters which are cyber bulling. & you only have 30 seconds to do this task & is you pass you move on to the next level . That's how to play our game ! (: