Friday, November 19, 2010


the book that i am reading is called new moon you might of heard of it it was a movie and one of the bestseller books this book is by:stephenie meyers and i love all of her books most of them are about vampiers and i love reading books that have action,love and mistery.I cant wait to get to the end of that fat will proboly take me the whole year but I dont care.
I love the movies and i know all the lines to each movie that came out and i hope to learn every word in the book too.but that will take me longer than just reading the book.This is my summary for what happend so far!

                                whene she wakes up she looks in the mirrior and looks at her self make sher she has no gray hairs.she heads off to school.and thairs Edward by his car waiting for Bella.he wispers in her erer happy birthday!as alice comes down the hall leaping over to Edward and Bella saying happy birthday Bella.she asks if she liked the present her dad gave her .she said that they where going to throw a party for hert and she better come she said she saw Bella open her present and she loved it and that she was going to warer it tonight.

                                                      thats what happend so far in the book that I am reading I am on page 12 and I feel like I am never going to finish it!

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