Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Nonprofit , Peace Park

   Peace park is my nonprofit , because I felt like I found out allot more information than the other non profit's and I wanted the topic environment , and this is the nonprofit that i felt taught me more about the environment and , I also love what they did , for there park . I think that them name peace park was perfect because there neighborhood park was being shut down and they , protested and renewed there park and now it just looks peaceful , and a awesome place for kids and for the family. ''I hear they have a great picnic area.'' 

    This nonprofit , is going to make a great game , for people to lean to not only recycle or take care of you're world , but you can make a big change if you take place in small things like this one. Take the park for example not only did they help some part of the earth , but they also made people happy. People now have a place where they can go and have fun ,Get fresh air.A place where there is now peace.They accomplished so many things for there park.

     They planted about 500 trees , and all like 20 different species .They also planted 10 large oak trees. They made so many accomplishes , how you may ask ''?'' They raised money from the neighborhood , so There are so many things that we can do to help , all we have to do is look around. If there neighborhood did why, wouldn't you ? . simple if you can just get everyone together.

  '' ... And if you try you can also have a peace park !.''

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


''to recycle , means alo't  to Earth because it keeps it clean ! ''
Fact 1:  2,792 people took the pledge to recycle during the year of 2013
Fact 2:  This organization got schools to recycle and they got Synder elementary to recycle more than 560      tons of recyclable material , during the last past three years.
Fact 3:  This organisation hosted about 108 events to , ask people if hey could just recycle.

Fact 1 :  This organization has been working , since 2001.
Fact 2:   The Colorado river refuge is 60 acer's preserved to the public.
Fact 3:   There is a trail that goes through the park that connects to another 30 acer track.

Fact 1:  This organization works to keep the waters clean.
Fact 2:  they also pick up trash in rivers and in lakes so the animals that live in them can swim free of worry.
Fact 3:  They have a group that helps out to do this job for many , years.

Fact 1:The Colorado River Foundation, based in Austin, Texas, is the only nonprofit organization dedicated solely to the conservation and protection of the Texas Colorado River. The Colorado River Foundation has been increasing community awareness of the Colorado River’s environmental and economic importance since 1994.
Fact 2:Mission: to protect and preserve the Texas Colorado River by promoting conservation and awareness through community involvement.
Fact 3:Vision: a clean, abundant, accessible and healthy Texas Colorado River for generations to come.

Fact 1:One of Austin’s oldest parks has been a much loved, forested oasis in central Austin. A place for picnics, nature walks, games and general enjoyment of the outdoors. It officially encompasses 43 acres from 15th Street to 24th Street
Fact 2:Determined not to let the park fall into ruins, friends and neighbors started Pease Park Conservancy (formerly known as Trees for Pease) in 2008 to save the park from further degradation. Collecting private funds and organizing volunteer workdays for the park, the group joined forces with the City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation and Forestry Departments, as well as hundreds of volunteers, school groups, local businesses and neighbors.
Fact 3:the accomplished all of this (:
  1. *Planted: 425 new trees of 28 different species
  2. *Irrigated: Automatic Irrigation system installed
  3. *Installed: Irrigation lines in the planter beds
  4. *Removed: tons of storm debris
  5. *Hired: Arborist’s to fertilize and treat the ages and diseased cedar elms.
  6. *Pruned: 18 large heritage Live Oaks along Shoal Creek.
  7. *Rerouted: Truck traffic in the park.
  8. *Preserved:Tudor cottage has a new Cedar shake shingle roof.
  9. *Removed: Asphalt surrounding oak roots zone.
  10. *Spread: Dillo dirt and mulch in the big field and the hillsides
  11. *Sodded: 1800 square feet of new Bermuda grass.
  12. *Improved: The Hike and Bike Trail was treated to a new French drain.
  13. *Landscaped: Provided much needed shade by planting trees and seating around the new splash pad.
  14. *Raised:Over $100,000 from neighbors and friends of the ark to fund all of the improvements outlined above.

    Fact 1:The history of Chula League begins in 2002 with the first-ever Cherrywood Art Fair, created by Kathleen McTee and Priscilla Boston.  A dozen artists displayed their work at [location], and a great idea took root.  The second Cherrywood Art Fair took place in 2003, and the venue moved to Maplewood Elementary school, at the intersection of 38 1/2 and Maplewood Avenue.  The relationship between the Cherrywood Art Fair and Maplewood has continued successfully ever since.
    Fact 2:In 2005 it was clear the Art Fair was becoming an “institution” in East Austin,  growing in size and scope,and generating a small “nest egg” of  proceeds that could be used for the benefit of the community.  Attorney Maddie Kadas suggested a non-profit status would be appropriate, and CPA Jane Walton, with the help of organizers Priscilla Boston and Kathy McTee steered the fledgling organization through the application process. In November, 2005, the Cherrywood Urban Landscape and Arts League, better known as Chula League, was created.
    Fact 3:The Cherrywood Art Fair grew in popularity until in 2007 the Austin American Statesman declared it the “must-see holiday event” in Austin. In 2009 with over 80 artists and 6,000 visitors, Cherrywood Art Fair continued as a bona-fide east Austin happening! Hundreds of volunteers work to produce the music, food, art, kids activities, and warm community feeling for which Cherrywood Art Fair is known.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mini Game

There were some difficulties , but I overcame them. I'm really excited to find out what kind of game I will  be doing next.The difficulties of making this game were , getting the codes all right. and getting everything right they way I wanted it to be .Every year , I make my topic about pollution I also think that this is the first game i've made , that's not about pollution. I want to also make my big game creative  this year something that's not so into pollution because you know , i do that topic every year. S this year i plan to make my game interesting but fun.

Monday, December 3, 2012

playing to learn part2

there was differint types of theams , like action and puzzuls or mazes. They were all very differient but the same, because they all had a lesson to teah , or something to say. That's what i want my game to do i want , it to give poeople who play it a message , a positive something to say .'' playing game's to some people is something really esay something you just play and have fun with , but what people might not know is that there are many game's that can help you learn something . maybe learn something you never knew about before. exsactly like the title say's ''playing to learn'' , is exsactly what you are doing when we go out and play thease game's. That's what makes globaloria a class i think because if it were just free time to play games all day i think it would be a extra class you could chose to take , but its actualy educational and since i've been here  i've learns a whole lot of things that i never knew before.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Presenting my game

when I presented it was okay because , well also really easy because I just got up there and said my name , the name of my game and well said all the game ing. I added to it and I think , I hope I got a good grade.

Monday, November 26, 2012

present hidden object game

The big idea for my game is , well that you have to take care of the earth , by doing one little thing picking up trash from the forest ,and also saving the animals in the forest that are being affected. I was very interested in this subject , because every year when we did games for natural disasters i did mine on global warming and pollution is a part of what causes global warming so I like to do a'lot of things that involve saving our planet .I did a'lot of research on this topic ,and I found out that there are a'lot of fun facts about this topic and just plain facts that were very helpful and useful . I had this big idea that started to change little by little . My idea was to have a'lot of trash around a big river.So when I tarted on my prototype , I started to draw a rain forest and it came out awesome so i thought why not do something that I'm good at drawing ,and well there is also pollution in the rain forest so it fit's perfect.When I started to draw my trash ,and nasty stuff that's polluting the rain forest . I also started to also draw animals like : fish , flamingo , fly . . . 

I thought that was perfect also , because there are animals in the rain forest , on's and ton's of them and they are the one's that are being affected , so why not rescue them from all of that pollution.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


As you should know , our dear friend , president of the U.S . Obama won the elections last night . I'am so excited to see all that he can do and overcome. Our new beginning , our new start of four more years.