Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mini Game

There were some difficulties , but I overcame them. I'm really excited to find out what kind of game I will  be doing next.The difficulties of making this game were , getting the codes all right. and getting everything right they way I wanted it to be .Every year , I make my topic about pollution I also think that this is the first game i've made , that's not about pollution. I want to also make my big game creative  this year something that's not so into pollution because you know , i do that topic every year. S this year i plan to make my game interesting but fun.

Monday, December 3, 2012

playing to learn part2

there was differint types of theams , like action and puzzuls or mazes. They were all very differient but the same, because they all had a lesson to teah , or something to say. That's what i want my game to do i want , it to give poeople who play it a message , a positive something to say .'' playing game's to some people is something really esay something you just play and have fun with , but what people might not know is that there are many game's that can help you learn something . maybe learn something you never knew about before. exsactly like the title say's ''playing to learn'' , is exsactly what you are doing when we go out and play thease game's. That's what makes globaloria a class i think because if it were just free time to play games all day i think it would be a extra class you could chose to take , but its actualy educational and since i've been here  i've learns a whole lot of things that i never knew before.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Presenting my game

when I presented it was okay because , well also really easy because I just got up there and said my name , the name of my game and well said all the game ing. I added to it and I think , I hope I got a good grade.

Monday, November 26, 2012

present hidden object game

The big idea for my game is , well that you have to take care of the earth , by doing one little thing picking up trash from the forest ,and also saving the animals in the forest that are being affected. I was very interested in this subject , because every year when we did games for natural disasters i did mine on global warming and pollution is a part of what causes global warming so I like to do a'lot of things that involve saving our planet .I did a'lot of research on this topic ,and I found out that there are a'lot of fun facts about this topic and just plain facts that were very helpful and useful . I had this big idea that started to change little by little . My idea was to have a'lot of trash around a big river.So when I tarted on my prototype , I started to draw a rain forest and it came out awesome so i thought why not do something that I'm good at drawing ,and well there is also pollution in the rain forest so it fit's perfect.When I started to draw my trash ,and nasty stuff that's polluting the rain forest . I also started to also draw animals like : fish , flamingo , fly . . . 

I thought that was perfect also , because there are animals in the rain forest , on's and ton's of them and they are the one's that are being affected , so why not rescue them from all of that pollution.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


As you should know , our dear friend , president of the U.S . Obama won the elections last night . I'am so excited to see all that he can do and overcome. Our new beginning , our new start of four more years.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Adding Game Ingredients

This was hard , for me . There were ton's of challenge's and obstacle's to overcome . I also try'ed my best , and I overcame all of the obstacle's that were in the way  . It was hard but I did it , it was had work watching tutorials and , helping other's . Doing code's over and over again until , I got all of them right . The best part of the whole process was getting everything right .

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Add Hidden Objects

So  what I did was trace my hidden objects , and well it did take some time , because well you could say I had some complicated objects to draw in flash , witch again I hate drawing in flash because the mouse moves every ware . And most of all I hate when I use the mouse on the lab top , because I think well my opinion it makes it worse ,even more messy. But o well ,I guess my drawing's came out ''okay'' ? no so shure though , because well I don't know how to make the original back round clear , or invisable . Well I guess i'll just stay positive , and carry on to what ever come's next ! blaaa.. wish me luck ? Naw actually i'am excited to find out what we will be doing next eeeeep !

 - me blogg <3 Genevieve Garcia | 10. 19 . 12 |

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Backround in flash (:

Drawing a backround in flash , yes it's really hard because well I like getting thing's to look really nice , and to my opinion when you draw in flash , to me it looks messy.I would like it better if it had a tool that you could use to , fix what you draw in flash , like to make the lines look straight and your'e drawing's look clear and not all curvy and everyware ! . O my goodniss this it what I hate about making the game , I really like to draw alo't but when it comes to drawing in flash i'm the worst ! . I would really like it if that could happen.Apart from that I like flash i like it alo't not because of the way I draw in it , but because you get to animate , alo't of thing's in flash. I really like doing that in flash and watching it all come to life. So yes it , to me is very confusing and messy but o well .. moving on to my hidden object's ! wish me luck ' !

Monday, October 8, 2012

Making A Prototype

It was easy ! ''SYYYYKKKKEEEE'' there were alo't of complicated thing's to go through , google is not smart , yess .. it's offical it dosent know what a park is , or what a river is . it caint giv eyou simple answers. ''GARRRWWWSSHHH ! '' why dose it have to mak ethe world even more complicated , just umm..get to the point , yess porvavorr. but ofcorse it was also fun , sherching through google trying to find the right thing .But the point is that well i drew my best and i think it came out really good . and i hope it dosent get all messed up when i try to go and put it on flash , i'am realy bad at drawing on flash. I mean it's so hard to wiggle ur mouse around to make a perfect picture in flash , ''O LORD '' , o my goodniss . yea ,s o that's not going to work out .Well i guess i'll have to try my best agin , it's all abot the work you put into your'e work .


Friday, October 5, 2012


okay , so making this prototype was umm .. let's say easy >__^ . But wait until we get to doing our , big grade game. whoooof ' ! is that some work , too much thinkinng.But hay school ,is well school. and i love globaloria , it'sawesome because you get to do stuff , you could never do at any other school. and yess ! i'am excited to get to starting this awesommeee ! game . well not so awesome yet ! . I really like making the prototye first because it gives you ideas about how , ur games going to come out . how it's going to be like .its kinda like planning , well it is planning.maineeee.... >__<  , do i love GLOBALORIAAA .. !! tehe' .

Monday, October 1, 2012

Plan Game Scene

okay , now iam starting to get really excited because my game is starting to come out .i have all that i need and i think , that this year it went even faster . I mean it's the third week and were alredy on our paper prototype !! . for me that went fast. well getting off topic , and going more into the idea of my game , it will be about run off and how it effects all of the animals , that  live in river's or streams . Animals , inocinte animals , like fish or turttle's . That don't have to live in that kind of inviornment if the world would make a little chane and recycle , but the problem is that were to layzy , and we can't get up to throw away , our soda cans or even our new's paper and what i mean , buy throw away i mean in the reycleing bin ! :DD tehe ''
So why don't we just make one simple change , to help out and clean our river's . And mabye when we all get to that piont ,we can all clean our ocean . How's that sound world ! yup me too iam excited , so let's get started with my game . when you can play it and lean so much . Learn how to care , and hove fun with it also.Helping the earth is hard work . But all of the good stuff in life take's hard work , like for example going to college , or earnig money for a new car . all thing's and life that are good take time and effort. You just have to learn how to take that time and effort first , before you start doing something that big , and i guess the world dosent have that yet . so let's all '' MAKE A CHANGE'' .

Thursday, September 27, 2012

choose learning topic

in choosing my topic , and now that i know kind of how my game is going to look like in my head, iam getting really excited , but once you plan the game , like our paperprototype , and you start to work on the game . It dosen't come out the way you want it to . it come's out all oppisite  and wierd because it's hard to darw in flash , but o well '' iam going to try my best this year the way i want it to be . my game is going to be abiut the enviornment , and how people need to take care of our planet better . i learned alo't and think that i can learn more . it is verry exciteing to learn new things about our plant earth , suff i never knew before.and the wiki , help's me out alo't when i start to do my game .and i think my game will also , go with global warming alittle , because its about ho well it efects everything , and the water animmal's life eart ! somepeople just dont care . what's wrong with them its our home .

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

playing to learn part1

okay , so today in my favorite class (( Globaloroia )) , we learned about hidden object game's , to give us ideas for our game . and yes i have an idea , but it's a surprise . We played some of these games , and we wrote a review on one of the games that we played . then we wrote all of the game ingritents that were in the main game that we played , game ingridents are thing's , tool's that you use in a game to make it fun , for there to be a goal , a way to win or loose . But sadly this game that we played  ((Dirty River)) ,was not so fun , there were no ways to loose , unless you never found an object . wich is imposible i think because all you had to do it look real close . My game will be much more harder . my game will go to atlest two levels . There will be a way to loose , and a great way to win , there will be point's a timer , and a score box .this game really helped me t think out my own , game and how to make mine better . it will be hard work , but at the end it will all be worth it .! >.< ummm .. i hopee?! '' so that was my short post about how this hidden object game today , really helped my out ! muchooo's graciass   -Genevieve Garcia

Monday, September 17, 2012

first month of school !

Wow dose the time go by fast ! . i still remember being all lost , trying to find my classes . Also our schedule got changed like three or four times . our classes were supposed to get smaller , but instead they got bigger , great !'' more noise for me . but i was awesome , because i got to see all of my friends after three month's . Even though i did see some of them during the summer . Gosh do i with summer lasted forever . I do love school though because with out it , what would i know ?!. the first week , was alright it could of been better i think if they would of finished the school on time . because we had to be out side for at least two week's . and we had to be eating in a parking lot ! . i know sounds weird , but it's what we did . But now it's much , much better , we get to eat in the gym , and we have most of our classes in , cool air ! , ''inside'' . but we still have some classes in side . but there some nice portables . Yes the first week was a jerny , but I'm hopeing that it will get better , and better each week we come to school , by the way i hope , that our schedules don't get changed a 5th time man , would that stink ! . but i guess its okay , because we have more chances , to get classes with our friend's . , that's the good part about it , but the worst part is , having to find u'r new class and having to memorize , i whole new schedule . Yes , I'm going nut's with this whole thing , but hay ! '' what can i say , it's my school , a new place , new people , new teacher's & staff . All of these new thing's to learn and memorize , all by the end of the year , when are backpack's aren't so new , when are crayon's are broken in pieces , when our binder's are written all over with back & blue pen , with all the names of our friend's on it . when , summer come's again & this whole school thing will start all over ! . A new backpack , new friend's , new crayon's and pen's , a time to start off fresh , it's like every year you get another chance at , being who you want to be . My foal this year is to not get in Any drama , because , I'm tired of it , tired of the tear's , tie rd of watching my friend's get hurt all because of drama , i mean come on ! it's  , school.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spirit Of The Marathon ; o_0

Marathon ;
stomp ; stomp , stomp ! '' The sound of millions of people running rapid , and out of order ! ''.
A marathon , what is it ; its something special , to some people , something that people might say whatever to . something that brings tears to your eyes . it's more than just running . Its 26.21876 miles  of  hard work  and sweat . 

Many people choose to do marathons , because they feel good about running ; that's there thing  , they like it so why not just  R U N  ! .  for fun , for charity , for whatever  . running is like video games for boys , addictive ; fun ; and I guess entertaining . It's just like a hobby . 

Jerry Meyers was 70 years old and , still a strong man . Even though he is old he , sets goals for hem self and , want to accomplish them and he dose . 

he inspired me because he made me think like , it doesn't matter how old you are or , how fast you are in life ; that you can still make it no matter what , and he inspired me to think about my future . I want to be a Doc. and if I'm going to one i have top believe in my self and set goals for my life , and future ! 

- Genevieve Garcia ... <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Final Game ;D .'

O key , do key ; I made a game with my partner , Andrea Garza ; we made a social issue game about changing the world . ' Well a'litte part of it  Oil spills / water pollution . I really liked my game ; because I know that if people , kids ; adults play my game it could really make a change because , everybody likes Video Games ! ; and well playing one that can teach you something is awesome .
                             THINGS , I LIKE ABOUT MY GAME ;
Again I love my game not because , ill get a good grade , or because ill pass my class but ; because I know that maybe it will change the world well in my imagination , its at least one step closer , to making a change .
 another reason why I like my game is because , of everything i learned new on working on this game , new coding and Lot's of work putting levels together ! ' ; I feel proud of my game  ;D

     them last reason why I like my game  , is  working together with someone , helped me understand more because , she may know thing's ; I don't and , I can help her on things , she may not know or want to learn .

                                THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE ;
Well not my whole game was , finished the way I wanted it to be  , i still needed to fix up my enemies  . make your hero go back when it hit / touched one ! '

Another thing I would like to change about my game is changing my background putting more work into it ,  and it wasn't ready for the globes ' .

The third and final thing that I didn't like about my game was that we planed for it to be more than just a turtle  jumping ' around  , grabbing cans  , and they kept getting mad at us ; and maybe that's why we didn't finish our game .. ?  : /

Cool story bro tell it again .. ? hey you ; yea you no really tell it again ! ^_<  .. ?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Platform game project

yes... for the last three weeks we have been working on the plat form game . I have really enjoyed learning all of these new things like for example , copping down the codes & , or fixing my errors  in my game .
so this project has helped me a 'lot . I have learned how good I am working by my self  , a partner & learning how to fix my errors . the thing I really did not enjoy about this project was typing every singe
code down after we watch a little bit of the video .

I think it is a good idea to save , publish and upload to the wiki every time that we do something new . I think that it keeps things more organized & helps the class move faster !. This is a really good stagy & it  helped me out a 'lot now this helped keeps my learning log in order !.My favorite part about this project was saying Harry ! . after I  made my character jump , move & go the right way !.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Schedules (;

Getting a new schedule is not so bad but , I guess everyone will get used to it when we get by a week . But the Sukey thing about this new schedule is the new reading class which will be twice as much the work !. & a new teacher that everyone is going to have to get used to . This new schedule is okay because i have alto of classes with the people i get along with but i kinda miss the classed that i had with my other friend's o well it's school we are hear to learn not to talk & start drama !. even though sometimes I start some .? ha.'  This new schedule I think will be better for us & for the school I think we will be more organized .

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Favorite Thing That Iv'e Learned About My Topic

WHAT IV'E LEARNED ;The most important thing I learned about my topic was knowing how many people loose there lives for chatting , in boxing , or accepting friend request .I know this story about a girl who hung herself because of mean kid's !.posting on her Face book wall or just uploading mean statuses about her. so that's why I want to make a game about cyberbulling because , I think it's supper important to know what to do if you're being bulled on line or any ware.
WHY ; Most targets are young adults & children because we are the one's who use the Internet the most for being on social web pages . such as Face book ; My space ; twitter & instant chatting you may have friends that don't support you & take you down , well I want every kid & young adult to know that people who take you down & tell you mean thing just to make you feel bad well that kind of people there not there real friend's !.

There just plain mean & there empty or have a high chance of being bullied before so they pick on other kid's because they think it's fun & right they just want you to feel the same way they did . That's why I also want bullies to know that , that hurts other people!?. & That was my inspiration to make this game with this topic . (;

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Time I Spent In Dallas !!!... ;DD

I went to Dallas for winter break to spend time with my family & , we had a really great time i always have a fun time when I spend time with my family. We all ate tamales & menu do which is a Mexican
plate for like a type of soup. We watched Lot's of movies together & went out to eat several times.We also  went shopping after Christmas to get the sales but the thing that didn't really go very well for me was Christmas day!.. I got nothing for Christmas. & my cousins got a Wii . But I was ok' with it at least I got the most important thing for Christmas my family . & all of us together!.  I really enjoyed the time we spent together.! the funny thing was when my cousin came running & broke the camera!. so we did not get to take pictures . O well.. ?! then the weird thing was that he locked himself in the restroom & started to cry because he felt bad that he broke the camera . that was my very exciting Christmas day !..?

The new year !... :DDD..'

I am so.. happy that we have started a new year , that we have started something new some new time , time that we have now to i guess think about all of the mistakes we have made & regret & try to do better & move on!.. I am happy that i still have my family with me. That i still have people to talk to & have confidence in .
         That i still ; for this new year have life & heath. I can still live another year of life & I hope happiness . I hope to accomplish many goals such as ; getting straight A's again & getting perfect attendance but most of all to do better at home & to spend more time with my whole family .
          I hope to make more friends & keep a long friendship with them. I'm not just going to keep talking about what i hope for or what I want but what i am also thankful for having in this new amazing year that God has provided for us. ;
. My family
. My life
. My home
. My school
. My hope & faith
. My new year!!....