Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday !!!!!!!!!☺☺

This friday I  am going to  play football and clean my room mabye get ice-cream and go home and do my home work .This friday I am also going to go to the mall and look around.My mom is going to fix my hello kitty backpack ,and I  am going to eat out , go  home and relaxx. Happy friday to me and you !!Now the weekend is a hole other story and ill tell you about the weekend to well ill probobly be very bord but ill have tons of fun this weekend I am going to church on sunday and on saterday I am just going to hang out with my freind and we are goig to the movies I dont know what movie to wach though I still have to think about that  but all I know is that this weekend and this frisday is going to be soo fun and i cant wait to get out of school to get to do all the things I want and need to do !!!happy friday and happy weekend !!☺☺☺

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