Wednesday, October 20, 2010



the enter net is known for its good communication .Like messenger and yahoo mail you can chat with your Friends and family . that's across the world i think that is very cool for the Internet to have that kind of communication i think that's one of the reasons i use the Internet and because they have so many cool  websites but the main thing i think the big idea is communication i think it is very important for your Friends and family to stay  in touch with you. you can also use web cam websites like sky web lets you talk to your family like your right in front of them and you can also see them.its a pretty cool web sits and i think with out the communication that we have now we would not be in touch with our family and Friends so i think Internet communication is very cool!so that's what i think about communicating please post a comment telling me what you think about communication and if you think it is important!  

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