Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CHOOSING candy ,chips and soda OR yummy carrots with ranch or corn with tuna!

                                                                 !  CHOOSING!    
I think  Nutrition is very important beacuase with out Nutrition we will not be so healthy and we will not have a a very good body to work with we will be slower and Nutrition is frut and vegtables that we need everone needs veg and furuts. with out the world wuld bre full of unhealthy sick pepole and noone wants a world like that .thatsn why everone needs Nutrition. this is what  I think plase post a comment and post what you think !I want to know your opinions and I will blogg back to you!too tell you what i think of your opinion.so please comment! do you think junk food like chips ,soda and candy yumm so goood you think right but have you ever thought about how bad it is for you?think about it nexst timwe you sit down to eat junk food like that is that really goood for you whene you can just eat some carrots with ranch thats yumm and good for you dont you think.so commment on what you think is best chips,soda and candy or some yummy ranch with carrots !                                                   !  COMMENT !

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