Thursday, November 11, 2010


I  am reading new moon I love the movie but i've never read the book .Thats why I chose that book.This is waht is happening so far!

                                          bella had a night mer about her self she was running so fas she felt like her hart was going to come out of her .then she ran in a medo and she saw her grandmother she said she new it was a dream 1st the sun was shinnig and un forks the sun is never out and 2nd she saw her grandma and her grandma died last year.she said she was 99.9 sher it was a deam.Thair was so much she wanted to ask her grandma whene Edward poped out of the woods and slowly walked towred bella "Edawrd waht are you doing" said bella as he walked down the medow and put his arm around bella .then her grandma and her tuched fingers but they where tuching a glss .At that poind it became her worst nightmer.It was not her grandma it was her then Edawrd wisperd in bellas hear Happy Birth Day!Then bella woke up!

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