Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dirt the Movie!

yesterday we watched a movie  about dirt which is called dirt the movie we leaned that soil I s a big deal !soil is made up up Muslim. Did you know that you can paint with dirt and make clay out of it you can make houses and  much more that's why soil/dirt is a big deal!Did you know that you eat dirt its in wine and lots of other things.the main thing I am trying to tell you that now we are destroying the dirt building houses and sidewalks or even brides. At this school their playground was made up of just concrete. so they took off all the concrete and built a garden and that's kids have never ever felt dirt before and it was a big thing for them.so if your schools playground is all concrete comment and tell me what you would like to change about your school or your playground we can turn anything into a garden . and live green the point is that soil/dirt is LIFE.

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