Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Platform game project

yes... for the last three weeks we have been working on the plat form game . I have really enjoyed learning all of these new things like for example , copping down the codes & , or fixing my errors  in my game .
so this project has helped me a 'lot . I have learned how good I am working by my self  , a partner & learning how to fix my errors . the thing I really did not enjoy about this project was typing every singe
code down after we watch a little bit of the video .

I think it is a good idea to save , publish and upload to the wiki every time that we do something new . I think that it keeps things more organized & helps the class move faster !. This is a really good stagy & it  helped me out a 'lot now this helped keeps my learning log in order !.My favorite part about this project was saying Harry ! . after I  made my character jump , move & go the right way !.