Friday, May 11, 2012

My Final Game ;D .'

O key , do key ; I made a game with my partner , Andrea Garza ; we made a social issue game about changing the world . ' Well a'litte part of it  Oil spills / water pollution . I really liked my game ; because I know that if people , kids ; adults play my game it could really make a change because , everybody likes Video Games ! ; and well playing one that can teach you something is awesome .
                             THINGS , I LIKE ABOUT MY GAME ;
Again I love my game not because , ill get a good grade , or because ill pass my class but ; because I know that maybe it will change the world well in my imagination , its at least one step closer , to making a change .
 another reason why I like my game is because , of everything i learned new on working on this game , new coding and Lot's of work putting levels together ! ' ; I feel proud of my game  ;D

     them last reason why I like my game  , is  working together with someone , helped me understand more because , she may know thing's ; I don't and , I can help her on things , she may not know or want to learn .

                                THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE ;
Well not my whole game was , finished the way I wanted it to be  , i still needed to fix up my enemies  . make your hero go back when it hit / touched one ! '

Another thing I would like to change about my game is changing my background putting more work into it ,  and it wasn't ready for the globes ' .

The third and final thing that I didn't like about my game was that we planed for it to be more than just a turtle  jumping ' around  , grabbing cans  , and they kept getting mad at us ; and maybe that's why we didn't finish our game .. ?  : /

Cool story bro tell it again .. ? hey you ; yea you no really tell it again ! ^_<  .. ?

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