Thursday, October 11, 2012

Backround in flash (:

Drawing a backround in flash , yes it's really hard because well I like getting thing's to look really nice , and to my opinion when you draw in flash , to me it looks messy.I would like it better if it had a tool that you could use to , fix what you draw in flash , like to make the lines look straight and your'e drawing's look clear and not all curvy and everyware ! . O my goodniss this it what I hate about making the game , I really like to draw alo't but when it comes to drawing in flash i'm the worst ! . I would really like it if that could happen.Apart from that I like flash i like it alo't not because of the way I draw in it , but because you get to animate , alo't of thing's in flash. I really like doing that in flash and watching it all come to life. So yes it , to me is very confusing and messy but o well .. moving on to my hidden object's ! wish me luck ' !


  1. Yeah I agree with you it comes out bad when you draw on flash because sometimes you try to make it perfect but it wont come out.

  2. I agree with you it is hard to draw in flash.

  3. yea , well thx it is hard to do but we all have to stay positive , and all of our drawing will come out awesome !! ^.^