Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Favorite Thing That Iv'e Learned About My Topic

WHAT IV'E LEARNED ;The most important thing I learned about my topic was knowing how many people loose there lives for chatting , in boxing , or accepting friend request .I know this story about a girl who hung herself because of mean kid's !.posting on her Face book wall or just uploading mean statuses about her. so that's why I want to make a game about cyberbulling because , I think it's supper important to know what to do if you're being bulled on line or any ware.
WHY ; Most targets are young adults & children because we are the one's who use the Internet the most for being on social web pages . such as Face book ; My space ; twitter & instant chatting you may have friends that don't support you & take you down , well I want every kid & young adult to know that people who take you down & tell you mean thing just to make you feel bad well that kind of people there not there real friend's !.

There just plain mean & there empty or have a high chance of being bullied before so they pick on other kid's because they think it's fun & right they just want you to feel the same way they did . That's why I also want bullies to know that , that hurts other people!?. & That was my inspiration to make this game with this topic . (;

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