Tuesday, September 25, 2012

playing to learn part1

okay , so today in my favorite class (( Globaloroia )) , we learned about hidden object game's , to give us ideas for our game . and yes i have an idea , but it's a surprise . We played some of these games , and we wrote a review on one of the games that we played . then we wrote all of the game ingritents that were in the main game that we played , game ingridents are thing's , tool's that you use in a game to make it fun , for there to be a goal , a way to win or loose . But sadly this game that we played  ((Dirty River)) ,was not so fun , there were no ways to loose , unless you never found an object . wich is imposible i think because all you had to do it look real close . My game will be much more harder . my game will go to atlest two levels . There will be a way to loose , and a great way to win , there will be point's a timer , and a score box .this game really helped me t think out my own , game and how to make mine better . it will be hard work , but at the end it will all be worth it .! >.< ummm .. i hopee?! '' so that was my short post about how this hidden object game today , really helped my out ! muchooo's graciass   -Genevieve Garcia

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