Monday, October 8, 2012

Making A Prototype

It was easy ! ''SYYYYKKKKEEEE'' there were alo't of complicated thing's to go through , google is not smart , yess .. it's offical it dosent know what a park is , or what a river is . it caint giv eyou simple answers. ''GARRRWWWSSHHH ! '' why dose it have to mak ethe world even more complicated , just umm..get to the point , yess porvavorr. but ofcorse it was also fun , sherching through google trying to find the right thing .But the point is that well i drew my best and i think it came out really good . and i hope it dosent get all messed up when i try to go and put it on flash , i'am realy bad at drawing on flash. I mean it's so hard to wiggle ur mouse around to make a perfect picture in flash , ''O LORD '' , o my goodniss . yea ,s o that's not going to work out .Well i guess i'll have to try my best agin , it's all abot the work you put into your'e work .