Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Add Hidden Objects

So  what I did was trace my hidden objects , and well it did take some time , because well you could say I had some complicated objects to draw in flash , witch again I hate drawing in flash because the mouse moves every ware . And most of all I hate when I use the mouse on the lab top , because I think well my opinion it makes it worse ,even more messy. But o well ,I guess my drawing's came out ''okay'' ? no so shure though , because well I don't know how to make the original back round clear , or invisable . Well I guess i'll just stay positive , and carry on to what ever come's next ! blaaa.. wish me luck ? Naw actually i'am excited to find out what we will be doing next eeeeep !

 - me blogg <3 Genevieve Garcia | 10. 19 . 12 |


  1. Yeah its true flash can be messy sometimes but it depends in what you draw but stay positive and it will come out good. ^_^

  2. ha , thx mucho Norma (: and i hope it will , and is comming out good ^.^