Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spirit Of The Marathon ; o_0

Marathon ;
stomp ; stomp , stomp ! '' The sound of millions of people running rapid , and out of order ! ''.
A marathon , what is it ; its something special , to some people , something that people might say whatever to . something that brings tears to your eyes . it's more than just running . Its 26.21876 miles  of  hard work  and sweat . 

Many people choose to do marathons , because they feel good about running ; that's there thing  , they like it so why not just  R U N  ! .  for fun , for charity , for whatever  . running is like video games for boys , addictive ; fun ; and I guess entertaining . It's just like a hobby . 

Jerry Meyers was 70 years old and , still a strong man . Even though he is old he , sets goals for hem self and , want to accomplish them and he dose . 

he inspired me because he made me think like , it doesn't matter how old you are or , how fast you are in life ; that you can still make it no matter what , and he inspired me to think about my future . I want to be a Doc. and if I'm going to one i have top believe in my self and set goals for my life , and future ! 

- Genevieve Garcia ... <3

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