Thursday, September 27, 2012

choose learning topic

in choosing my topic , and now that i know kind of how my game is going to look like in my head, iam getting really excited , but once you plan the game , like our paperprototype , and you start to work on the game . It dosen't come out the way you want it to . it come's out all oppisite  and wierd because it's hard to darw in flash , but o well '' iam going to try my best this year the way i want it to be . my game is going to be abiut the enviornment , and how people need to take care of our planet better . i learned alo't and think that i can learn more . it is verry exciteing to learn new things about our plant earth , suff i never knew before.and the wiki , help's me out alo't when i start to do my game .and i think my game will also , go with global warming alittle , because its about ho well it efects everything , and the water animmal's life eart ! somepeople just dont care . what's wrong with them its our home .

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