Monday, September 17, 2012

first month of school !

Wow dose the time go by fast ! . i still remember being all lost , trying to find my classes . Also our schedule got changed like three or four times . our classes were supposed to get smaller , but instead they got bigger , great !'' more noise for me . but i was awesome , because i got to see all of my friends after three month's . Even though i did see some of them during the summer . Gosh do i with summer lasted forever . I do love school though because with out it , what would i know ?!. the first week , was alright it could of been better i think if they would of finished the school on time . because we had to be out side for at least two week's . and we had to be eating in a parking lot ! . i know sounds weird , but it's what we did . But now it's much , much better , we get to eat in the gym , and we have most of our classes in , cool air ! , ''inside'' . but we still have some classes in side . but there some nice portables . Yes the first week was a jerny , but I'm hopeing that it will get better , and better each week we come to school , by the way i hope , that our schedules don't get changed a 5th time man , would that stink ! . but i guess its okay , because we have more chances , to get classes with our friend's . , that's the good part about it , but the worst part is , having to find u'r new class and having to memorize , i whole new schedule . Yes , I'm going nut's with this whole thing , but hay ! '' what can i say , it's my school , a new place , new people , new teacher's & staff . All of these new thing's to learn and memorize , all by the end of the year , when are backpack's aren't so new , when are crayon's are broken in pieces , when our binder's are written all over with back & blue pen , with all the names of our friend's on it . when , summer come's again & this whole school thing will start all over ! . A new backpack , new friend's , new crayon's and pen's , a time to start off fresh , it's like every year you get another chance at , being who you want to be . My foal this year is to not get in Any drama , because , I'm tired of it , tired of the tear's , tie rd of watching my friend's get hurt all because of drama , i mean come on ! it's  , school.


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