Thursday, January 5, 2012

The new year !... :DDD..'

I am so.. happy that we have started a new year , that we have started something new some new time , time that we have now to i guess think about all of the mistakes we have made & regret & try to do better & move on!.. I am happy that i still have my family with me. That i still have people to talk to & have confidence in .
         That i still ; for this new year have life & heath. I can still live another year of life & I hope happiness . I hope to accomplish many goals such as ; getting straight A's again & getting perfect attendance but most of all to do better at home & to spend more time with my whole family .
          I hope to make more friends & keep a long friendship with them. I'm not just going to keep talking about what i hope for or what I want but what i am also thankful for having in this new amazing year that God has provided for us. ;
. My family
. My life
. My home
. My school
. My hope & faith
. My new year!!....

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