Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More thought on globaloria

my opinon on all of the games and vedio and evry thing els really really changed and i think that globaloria is a really big deal !i think that globaloria changed everything that i had in mind like evrything that i thought a bout globaloia  at the beginning of the school year i really had other thouts on  all the games and videos !now i think that makeing games and everything els is really important becuase you learn new things evryday and all the time!i think globaloria really changed my thoughts and evrything!
                                       also my opinon of computers has changed like i just used to use the computers for fun and so i could just play on the computers but know i learned that you can use the computer for all kinds of things like makeing games or videos! i used t use it for playing super mario and i still do but now i know i  can use it for lots and lots of things!

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