Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Globaloria Reflection

one thing i have learned in golbaloria is learning how to love and take care of the world !and how to use the computer in different ways like how to use all of the codes and learn how to take care of the inviorment and i even became avegatarean for a moment ! and hoe tecnolagy can be good but some times you have to be verry careful about what you right or put on the wiki  do not put personal info on the wiki or any web page !

             my faveorit thing about globaloria class is learning new things evry day and makeing a game about something that we have learned  or like something that is not right in this world and how we can make a difference/change the world help make it a better place for everyone!my favorite part is that you can work with friends and get tyo know new peole you never knew and at the same time you have fun wile you do projects or work of anny kind and that is what i like about globaloira class!

                             i think being in globaloria will help me in the future because then you  you will know how to act and how you can change the world and if you grow  up to become a computer person or something you will know a lot more  and more and you will now a bout evryones culture  and life in the world and how everyone lives and loots and lots of stuff then when you grow up you can make more money too !

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