Tuesday, February 8, 2011

mad hot ballroom

the movie mad hot ballrooom was a verry good movie and i liked how the schools give the childern a chance to dance wile they are yong and  i aso like how all of the kids injoy dance and they love it soo much that they will fight for getinng there!in the year 1984 the pograme mad hot ballroom was intaduced to the 5th grade and 6th garde kids and they just fell in love with the idea of dance!
     my favorite  part of this movie was when  they whanted it sooo bad they tryed and tryed to get in the program and they did good but  they did not go to the simmi finails and they started to cry cuz they really wanted this and really worked hard to get there! the movie was verry moveing and had a good leson to always try yopur best and try really hard to get ware you want to get that is what i also liked about this movie .I got this picture from wikipedia!(==Rationale of fair use for Mad Hot Ballroom== # The image is being used to illustrate the film in question. # No free or public domain images have been located for this purpose. # The image is of lower resolution than the original poster. # The imag)

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