Friday, February 25, 2011

Malcolm X the movie

malolm x was a big deal in afican american history! he got married with betty and he also bilived in the muslum riligion and there was a god that thought that he bitaded the god. and he went on a tip to eyjept and he saw that everyone  was eating from the same plate and drinking from the same cup and syoped  to bilive in what the god ahad told him the god told him that that riligion was only for african americans! and his wife was tiying to tell him that something is not right but malcolm sayd that the god would always protect him!
                                           then they  burnned down his home and  and he was about to say a speech and they yelled out "get your hands out of my pocket" and they shot him and they took the people a way and put them in jail  and the one that shoty malcolm x just got out this year for shooting him ! 
i got this pic on wikipedia-({{Information |Description=Malcolm X |Source=Library of Congress. New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection. |Date=1964 |Author=Ed Ford, World Telegram staff photographer |Permission=PD. "No copyrigh)

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