Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mad Hot Ballroom#2

the life lesson  is to bond together and to love each other and the life lesson of the movie was to go for your goals in life and find something that  you love to do and be good at it and  just do whatever you whant to do and try to get ware  whant to get in life and just do somrthing fun !like the boy that was almost on the street and then he found the dance program and he became a better kid and learnd how to be a genteal man and fall in love with dance !soo the movie really inspiered me to go more and try more fro my goals and just try annd try if you really want to get ware you want to get then i think that it is a big deal to go fro the highest goals in your life and just always try your best !  and just make your dreams  come to life!

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