Friday, February 11, 2011

Malcolm X the movie

malcolm x the movie was abou this man i the picture and he made a difference in our lives he also foht for freedom like mlk did and he also foght for mexicans but he got in a hole lot of trubble once he got in jail he worked for this person that told him to shoot peole and he cheeted on his girlfreind for a wight girl becuse his girlfreind was a church girl and could no give him what the wight girl could . and so his story was very interesting to me and i think i lerned a lot from this movie to be proud of who you are and accepet it he would always burn his hair so he could hold it down and would always try to change himself and i think you should not care what color you are or what clothing you waere you should just be proud of youself and ware you come from!
this picture i got from wikipedia({{Information |Description=Malcolm X at Queens Court |Source=Library of Congress. New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection. |Date=1964 |Author=Herman Hiller, World Telegram staff photographer |Perm)

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