Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stand & Deliver

this movie really moved me. I really liked how much they tryed to get  where they are now. and if you want to learn more about the movie click hear . and i liked that even or say no matter were you come from you can always try your hardest and you can get were you want to get. That is what this movie came to teach me that it dose not matter were you come from or what your backround is if you try hard and if you really want it its like reaching for the stars al you have to do is try hard to cach a star and you will be a star.I really enjoyed this movie i like movies that have a leson and a movie that moves me . And that is what this movie did to me and i hope to see it againn this movie help me so i can do my best in life and show that i can reach for the stars and become what i want to be in life that is the message i recived from this movie. and i think that there teacher kemo was amazing ive never seen another teacher that you have fun and at the same time you are learning  something!!!!!! so i hope everyone reaches for he stars and they secseed. and i got this pic from wikipedia!File:Stand and deliver.jpg

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