Friday, April 8, 2011

game reflection

    i got this pic from wikipedeia

  i have made a little prosess but i still have to watch a lot of tetoreols ans put them together its going to be a lot of hard work but its worth it to make a really good game you have to work for it and try really hard so that is what i am trying to do watch a lot of tetorieals and put them together to make a really good sean u can play i made my boy on the cloud move but i whant to put a lock on the house to only blow up when you push the space bar so that is something i am working on and my partner just needs to make more eveil homes and make the bom hit the house and then make the house blow up and he has done one home iam just saying to make the sean biggger i also traced a picture of rrarw
  and i also hope to make my game really good                                                                    

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