Thursday, April 7, 2011


i really think obama should really come to our schoool because our school is a fantastic learning inviornment and we have so many amazing classes that tech us so much more than just an ordenary school we are very ouniq and our school is growning and growing it might be a small place right now but when we grow and grow so i think it was nice of obama to go to that school to give them advice and since our school is all about going to coallage i think that obama would be a good person to talk to us about our education we have a rely good pilote class globaloria and our school is very different we are the only school in teaxes that is tring out a pilote program. so i think taht is rely cool to jbe some one who trys out globaloria first one kid that tryed out this amazing program first so that is why i think if omama is takeing a visit to texas tell him to go to austin tell him we are an amazing scool one like no other i even think we are one like no other in the hwole world ! but i also liked the scool he went to i think that school was also very educated but i think we are better!
                                                                                             yours truly,Genevieve Garcia

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