Tuesday, April 12, 2011

game qestions

  • Intro screen: solar neighborhood is the name of my game.

  • Team Introduction: this game is created by ammar.s and genevieve.g.

  • Audience: we are designing the game for childeren that mabye dont understand solar energy and they are haveing fun at the same time.

  • Gameplay: the rule of the game to shoot all of the homes that dont use or have anny solar energy. how to play well you use the space bar to shoot and you have to try too shoot as manny homes you can and then you win yea!

  • Learning Goal: in this game you learn how inportant it is to take care of your home and that if you dont take care of it your just not helping the earth!

  • Factor:this game is fun for the player because you learna and also get to shoot stuff so i think that is fun!

  • Smart Factor: our game teches how to help the earth your home and yourself.

  • Style Factor: we will use homes floting and birds flying the sounds will be deep scarry songs when you get to the second level and in the first level there will be a happy song!

  • riginality Factor: our game is uniqe because no one had the ideas that we had i bet no one would of thought of something so amazing like we did!

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