Monday, May 2, 2011

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try hard to get there to get were you want to be in life and that is what I am trying to do to do my best so i can be a docter.I want to be in life and be in school for a long time so Ican get my bachelers my masters and also my phd. that is were i want to be in life what about you?I ve always tryed to get good grades and be a freindy person. So i can get were i want to be and always try to help people mabye even comunity service so i can get collage cridet my deam is to go to deam what a wierd thing to say bacause people alwats say iam going to follow my deam but how manny people actually achive that deam really so that why iam her to be someone in life someone to say that i achived my dream.Iean how manny people get to say that ill be proud when Iget to the top of my dream.

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