Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stand & Deliver

this movie really moved me. I really liked how much they tryed to get  where they are now. and if you want to learn more about the movie click hear . and i liked that even or say no matter were you come from you can always try your hardest and you can get were you want to get. That is what this movie came to teach me that it dose not matter were you come from or what your backround is if you try hard and if you really want it its like reaching for the stars al you have to do is try hard to cach a star and you will be a star.I really enjoyed this movie i like movies that have a leson and a movie that moves me . And that is what this movie did to me and i hope to see it againn this movie help me so i can do my best in life and show that i can reach for the stars and become what i want to be in life that is the message i recived from this movie. and i think that there teacher kemo was amazing ive never seen another teacher that you have fun and at the same time you are learning  something!!!!!! so i hope everyone reaches for he stars and they secseed. and i got this pic from wikipedia!File:Stand and deliver.jpg

Thursday, April 21, 2011

!!!!!!!how i feel about taks- THE BIG TEST!!!!!!!

I  am verrry scared but i now ill pass .andi know that i will even get commended but i am verry scared that i will fail becase it is a big thing. and i cant wait to go to 7th grade but i am scarred that i will not move on.but i have to keep trying my best iknow that i have the knowlage to pass everything i lerned this yhear is all up in my brian all i have to do it show all of the knowlage that i have in my brain and proove that i do  i will pass the taks. Get Commended!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


i think rthat having i pads is a good i dea i think that it is a good ides because you dont have to carry a lot of wheight and the bad thing is that  the i pad might fall and brake and then they well have to pay a lot of money tha bad thing is that you will have to be very careful with it andthey will hve to pay a price the good thing is that i think they learn more from the enternet than from a book so i do like i pads and i think that it will be a good idea so that we can use it but i thibnk that little kids should not use them because they might drop it that means that they the teachers will have to  watch there every move!

Friday, April 15, 2011

game demo progress and team page

i am not the one doing the game demo but i am the one doing and working on the team page and i have answerd the qestionsand we uplaoded some peices to our team page i am tryinfg to make the boymove with arrow keys and i am trying to make the bulet shoot with the space bar. and i want to make and put more stuff on our team page

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

game qestions

  • Intro screen: solar neighborhood is the name of my game.

  • Team Introduction: this game is created by ammar.s and genevieve.g.

  • Audience: we are designing the game for childeren that mabye dont understand solar energy and they are haveing fun at the same time.

  • Gameplay: the rule of the game to shoot all of the homes that dont use or have anny solar energy. how to play well you use the space bar to shoot and you have to try too shoot as manny homes you can and then you win yea!

  • Learning Goal: in this game you learn how inportant it is to take care of your home and that if you dont take care of it your just not helping the earth!

  • Factor:this game is fun for the player because you learna and also get to shoot stuff so i think that is fun!

  • Smart Factor: our game teches how to help the earth your home and yourself.

  • Style Factor: we will use homes floting and birds flying the sounds will be deep scarry songs when you get to the second level and in the first level there will be a happy song!

  • riginality Factor: our game is uniqe because no one had the ideas that we had i bet no one would of thought of something so amazing like we did!

  • Monday, April 11, 2011


    i really liked playing the really helped me to think about what i can i really liked to wonder about how good and better i can make my game better. so i hope to go backa nd play more games so i ucan have arelly challange game.and something interesting and amazing.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    game reflection

        i got this pic from wikipedeia

      i have made a little prosess but i still have to watch a lot of tetoreols ans put them together its going to be a lot of hard work but its worth it to make a really good game you have to work for it and try really hard so that is what i am trying to do watch a lot of tetorieals and put them together to make a really good sean u can play i made my boy on the cloud move but i whant to put a lock on the house to only blow up when you push the space bar so that is something i am working on and my partner just needs to make more eveil homes and make the bom hit the house and then make the house blow up and he has done one home iam just saying to make the sean biggger i also traced a picture of rrarw
      and i also hope to make my game really good                                                                    

    Thursday, April 7, 2011


    i really think obama should really come to our schoool because our school is a fantastic learning inviornment and we have so many amazing classes that tech us so much more than just an ordenary school we are very ouniq and our school is growning and growing it might be a small place right now but when we grow and grow so i think it was nice of obama to go to that school to give them advice and since our school is all about going to coallage i think that obama would be a good person to talk to us about our education we have a rely good pilote class globaloria and our school is very different we are the only school in teaxes that is tring out a pilote program. so i think taht is rely cool to jbe some one who trys out globaloria first one kid that tryed out this amazing program first so that is why i think if omama is takeing a visit to texas tell him to go to austin tell him we are an amazing scool one like no other i even think we are one like no other in the hwole world ! but i also liked the scool he went to i think that school was also very educated but i think we are better!
                                                                                                 yours truly,Genevieve Garcia

    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    blogging about blogging

    there is no disadvantages about blogging blogging is amazing it dose help kids become better wrighters because of my own expirence ever sence i started to blogg i become a better wrighter. i alco love to blogg is gets out all of you feelings aboout things and you can blogg about what ever you want to blogg about i like wrighting down my feelings its better than saying them out loud well for me its eazyer to wright  down my feeling mabye not to other people but i love blogger!