Friday, November 4, 2011


we put all of our facts on flash facts about our social issues & my social issue is cyber bullying (: . I think cyber bulling is very important to kids in middle school through high school (: because kids & teens are getting bulled theas days . kids my age a depressed & want to kill them slef's  just becuase  of all of the mean things kids say  to  them  offensive thigs .): So after we put all of the facts on flash , that we copped fromour wiki page. We uploaded them to our projects page (:  .So i can go back & remember & learn more , to see all of of the sad facts that a bully can do to you .(:  & what I or other people can do to prevent cyber bulling or even well just cyber bulling (: ....!!! :\ . Keep  your kids safe [prevent before it realy happens] :] ..!!

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