Wednesday, November 16, 2011

planning your game(:

I played a game that I have never played before & I learned a little bit & well i learned that on strategy games you have to use your mind alot & think about what your going to do like in life I guess we have to think before we act because it might hurt someone, or make someone mad . In this game you have to  make your own coffee shop & crate your own coffee & price & so you have to sell it to people . & see if they like it & keep buying it & its like a daily life game because in real life like when you get older you will have to have a job & you have to sell stuff in order to get money so that's why i liked this game i like games that teach you thing's . Real life things that you can use in life like for reals. This game well I recommend it to people or kids in middle school or high school or just adults so they can learn how to have a job & to see what it's like (: ,. I well did not learn much of my topic which  is cyber bullying & will not use much of that in my game but o well , at least I got to play a game right I guess that's the good thing right (: .

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