Friday, October 14, 2011


The game is fun but I  did not help me learn as much as I learned from the movie . This game made me think how we have everything :( and we don't even think about other people :( around the world :\ . but i still learned Many things from this game like what people in Sudan suffer just to go forage for water :\ . then if they make it they go back to there tribe and make mud out of the water to build new homes that people destroyed i think that the people that made this game thought how the people in Sudan are suffering ,and how they would feel they were in there position having to hide under trees and having to worry if there kids will sleep well at night or not . having to worry if there kids will eat , go to school , or not ??? :( . that's what makes me sad that us that have everything , our family our home food to eat when we get home not having to worry  if  we are going to have a place to sleep or not . we have transportation  , we have a school with a roof on it with electricity , water , and having a restroom . IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DARFUR AND THERE PEOPLE CLICK HEAR !

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