Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bees (: , . ;D

This topic is very important & that's why I want to talk about bees  because now at day's they are going no ware & that's ..well to me that's kind of a big deal so we watched , this movie yup that's right about bees !.. (:
 & I learned a'lot & I want to share these ideas through a game idea (: ok . so hope you like it (: ,. ;D .

I was thinking maybe like bees flying around & then the farmer starts to through  pesticides at the crops & the bees catch some bad pesticides & they start to die & you  have to try to save them not let them get out of there boxes so they can stay alive , & the good farmer had to come & feed them & protect them help them servive .
 -that's my game idea hope you liked it (short & sweet ) (:

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