Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Darfur is dying / Darfur now

`I learned so M A N Y  things from the movie , & the thing i mostly learned about was all of the horibble things that people did to theaes people . they beat them , they rapeed them , they killed them , they  put them in camps . i would hate for someone to do that to me . what  i learned from the game was how they sufferd just to go get water for there familleis. they had to suffer there life just to keep  there familly alive. 
                  that is really important to me because some famillyes dont have the money to help out there famileis people like thease people  they try the hardest they can just so they can help out  there familly and thats the best any one could do in life because nothing is geater and more important than familly :]

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